Protest at Kabul Bomb Site Turns Violent

Protesters in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Friday. A bombing in the city’s diplomatic quarter earlier this week killed nearly 100 people.

Mohammad Ismail/Reuters

KABUL, Afghanistan — A protest on Friday that began at the site of a deadly bombing in Kabul earlier this week and made its way to the gates of the Afghan presidential palace turned violent, with security forces firing into the air to disperse angry crowds trying to get inside.

One protester was killed and at least eight others wounded in the clashes, according to local news reports.

The Kabul police chief, Gen. Hassan Shah Frogh, said some of the protesters were carrying weapons and had fired at the police, wounding four officers. “Police also fired, and only one or two protesters may be wounded,” he said.

General Frogh added that Salem Izidyar, the son of the deputy speaker of the senate, had been killed among the protesters.

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